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A Bit About Irma...

My creative process begins by a means of reflection; I recall memories of textured surfaces in which vibrant colors and distinct figures began to emerge from my grandmothers’ studios in Mexico City. Their shelves were full of books referencing iconic Mexican artists like Diego Rivera, Rufino Tamayo and Frida Khalo…their love for visual art had suddenly stuck to me.


Both of my grandmothers’ artistic influences continue to encourage my reflection of memories & experiences from Mexico City; this has guided me into a realm of discovery and exploration of Latin artforms. Come discover &  explore with me! 

Irma's Signature

Short Bio

Irma Schiele is a Mexican Canadian artist residing in West Vancouver. Inspired by her two art loving grandmothers, Irma’s move to Canada strengthened her appreciation for their artistic influence growing up. Because of this, Irma's creative process became fuelled by her childhood memories of Mexico City’s historical art forms. These memories have allowed Irma to explore her cultural identity through a personal interpretation of her Latin heritage. Primarily working with oil paint on canvas, her artwork focuses on themes of tradition, ritual and folklore. 

Artistic Background

Irma pursued a formal education at Emily Carr University of Art + Design and holds a BFA with a major in Visual Arts. Her artwork has been featured throughout West Vancouver in exhibitions held at the Ferry Building Gallery and the Benjamin Lumb Art House; Irma’s paintings have been acquired across Vancouver’s lower mainland & Mexico City by private collectors. Irma’s most recent collaborative project: K:TS Collective, fosters a platform for emerging artists to share their creativity through wearable art.

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